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No Experience Required for Many Positions

Explore a Rewarding Career Path

Avg benefits

$21 Per Hour

Starting Pay w/ Benefits, on Avg

Annual Pay

$72,320 Avg Pay

Average Postal Worker’s Annual

Federal benefits

Federal Benefits

Healthcare and Retirement Plan

New Hires

Avg 1,500 New Hires Weekly

Approx 100,000 Hired in Last 2 years

The Postal Hiring Process

The US Postal Service is actively recruiting talented individuals for full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions. Explore rewarding career opportunities and prepare for a fulfilling postal career with us. Learn more about comprehensive benefits package, including health, retirement plans, and paid time off.

The hiring process for all post office entry-level positions starts online. Leveraging our provided resources can significantly simplify this process, so be sure to utilize them.

No experience required for many jobs, and local postal authorities determine hiring based on your performance in this process, rather than past achievements.

  • Apply Online

    Apply Online

    Receive job application tips
    for priority placement

  • Take Assessment

    Take Assessment

    Receive assessment preparation
    materials from us

  • Have Interview

    Have Interview

    Receive interview tips and
    help from us

20 Years
Career Development & Training

Learning Environment That Supports


Annual Pay
72K Annually

AVG. Postal Workers Income W/ Benefits.

Healthcare & Retirement
Healthcare & Retirement Plan

Career Employees Receive Federal Benefits

Job Security
Job Security

Join The American Postal Worker Union

Entry Level Positions

Entry level positions earn $21 per hour on average. These jobs can lead to other amazing positions and are the gateway to a life long career.

Mail Carriers

Mail Carrier

Full-time, Part-time
and Seasonal


Mail Handlers

Mail Handler

Full-time, Part-time
and Seasonal


Window Clerks

Window Clerk

Full-time, Part-time
and Seasonal


Mail Processor

Mail Processor

Full-time, Part-time
and Seasonal


Program Registration Includes

  • Job Discovery Made Easy – Navigate through a visual map displaying up-to-date job openings for easy exploration.
  • Instant Job Notifications – Stay informed with timely email alerts for new job opportunities within your vicinity.
  • Expert Guidance at Every Stage – Access comprehensive, user-friendly instructions for each phase of the hiring process, ensuring a seamless journey.
  • Preparedness through Postal Exam Simulation – Sharpen your skills by practicing complete exams in advance, achieving consistent 90’s scores before the official test.
  • Personalized Assistance via Live Chat & Phone – Engage with our agents for tailored support and guidance throughout your application journey.
  • Program registration requires $89.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee a job but we can increase your chances of getting hired.

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We cannot guarantee that you will get a job at the Post Office by using our services. However, we can provide you with resources and support that may increase your chances of getting hired. We charge a fee of $89 for our services.

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